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What Circle Dancing is all about


What Circle Dancing is all about | Dance locations, dates, and times | Contact Information | Stefan & Bethan, February 14 & 15, 2004 | Some dances we do | New Years Eve Dance Party, 2003-->2004, El Cerrito, 8 pm | Berkleley Schedule | Far Horizons Dance Camp 2004

We move in a circle to wonderful music from Greece, Israel, Scotland, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, France, the Americas (Shaker, Zydeco, Mexican, Hopi, etc.), and elsewhere. We trace dance steps sometimes new, sometimes centuries old. There is some similarity in form with international folk dance, but there is a certain attitude of attention, awareness, and respect that evolved from this form's origins at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. The dances are always simple, or moderately easy, and each one will be taught first, so no experience is needed. You won't need a partner because everyone in the circle is your partner. Dancing in a circle is one of the oldest ways in which people celebrate community and togetherness. There is no fixed fee. We put out a donation basket, and appreciate $4 to $6, or whatever you can readily afford. In an afternoon or evening, we typically do 12 to 15 dances. Newcomers are always welcome.