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New Years Eve Dance Party, 2003-->2004, El Cerrito, 8 pm


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Please join us for an evening of dancing, snacking, and schmoozing, from 8 pm until midnight or a bit beyond, at the Hillside Church in El Cerrito.

We'll put out a donation basket, and will appreciate your 'usual' gift ($4 to $6 is a fair share) to help pay for renting the hall. (Thank you.)

Oh, and we wouldn't really object if you came half an hour early, around 7:30, to help us set up. (Thank you.)

This is (aproximately) our 12th annual New Years Eve gathering. We welcome old-timers and newcomers. The Hillside Church is a fine place to do this sort of thing, since it has a commercial kitchen, a 'conversation' area, and a fine dance floor. We will probably have two dance sessions of an hour to an hour-and-a-half each (Marina and John will do most of the teaching), and there often seems to arise spontaneous dancing in between. (We will teach each dance before we do it, so no experience is needed -- and, of course, dancing in a circle does not require partners.)

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 2003, 8 pm onwards, at the Hillside Church, 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito. Our traditional descending ball ceremony will take place at midnight, followed by a dance to Auld Lang Syne. Please bring elegant snacks or nibbles. ("Elegant," Gwen decided years ago, means anything held together by a toothpick.) We'll supply sparkling apple juice and other (non-alcoholic) beverages.

If you've got other stuff going on that evening, please don't hesitate to come for just part of the evening. Elegant dress is optional. So is casual dress. Whatever.

Brief directions to the church: Navellier is a north-south street, about half a mile east (uphill) of San Pablo Avenue. From Interstate 80, take the El Cerrito Central exit. Turn right (east) on Central. The 3rd traffic light is San Pablo Ave. Turn left (north) on San Pablo. The 2nd traffic light is Moeser Lane. Turn right (east, uphill) on Moeser about half a mile to Navellier (Junior High on corner). Turn left (north) on Navellier for about 7 blocks. Just past Donal Ave. is the driveway to the church on the right. There is a parking lot adjoining the church.